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Leg pain ayurvedic treatment

Shodhana is the most powerful detoxification strategy for expelling deep-seated tissue toxins and for complete cleansing of the body. It removes the root cause, giving relief in pain. It can be acute, sub acute or chronic in duration. In addition to pain, which is sometimes severe, there may be numbness, muscular weakness, pins and needles or tingling and difficulty in moving or controlling the leg.

Typically, the symptoms are only felt on one side of the body. Pain can be severe in prolong exposure to cold weather. Sciatica is generally caused by the compression of lumbar nerves L4 or L5 or sacral nerves S1, S2 or S3, or by compression of the sciatic nerve itself. Spinal disc herniation, Spinal Stenosis, Piriformis syndrome, Trigger points, Pregnancy, Habits are causative factors of sciatica.

View Testimonials. Sciatica pain can vary widely. It may feel like a mild tingling, dull ache, or a burning sensation. In some cases, the pain is severe enough to make a person unable to move. The pain most often occurs on one side.

Some people have sharp pain in one part of the leg or hip and numbness in other parts. The sensations may also be felt on the back of the calf or on the sole of the foot. The affected leg may feel weak. The pain often starts slowly.

Sciatica pain may get worse:. MRI Scan may be prescribed to assess the precise physiological status of the spine in the affected region.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Sciatica. What Is Sciatica?

Ayurveda Treatment for Sciatica

Signs and Symptoms of Sciatica. Risk Factors of Sciatica. Partial or complete loss of leg movement Partial or complete loss of sensation in the leg Recurrent or unnoticed injury to the leg. Case Studies. Sciatica: Radiating pain, numbness resolved; she began to walk again.The approach to healing used in Ayurveda medicine is very different from the approach used in Western modalities.

The goal is not to mask or eliminate a symptom, but to uncover the cause and work to reduce or eliminate the conditions that allow the cause to be created.

This means that success is measured by how well you become overall. Some leg pains can never be totally eliminated, but the rest of your health and well-being can be improved enough — along with improvement in the motion, resiliency and cushioning, that it becomes less of a burden of pain. Ayurvedic treatment for leg pain is starting to be studied more and more, and the results are showing that it is effective when it is practiced rigorously.

Just like taking pain medication when you are supposed to, practicing the Ayurvedic treatment as it is prescribed is necessary for you to see results. Muscle resiliency is the ability of the muscle to contract and then relax.

The contraction and relaxation process is only possible if the muscle is receiving adequate nutrition and cleansing from the circulation of the blood and the lymphatic systems. While the blood circulation is controlled by the beating of the heart, the lymph system is dependent on movement in order to go through its cycle. If you are overweight, the practitioner may want to work with you to change your diet and cleanse the toxins from your body to improve your Vata before starting to do any other work.

Poor posture and low mobility are also common issues associated with it. These are addressed in Ayurvedic medicine by employing yogic practices, deep massage, and other methods of relaxing and introducing more flexibility and stamina to the tendons and ligaments of the joints.

The treatment is not viewed as something you do until the knee joint problem disappears; it is viewed as a means to create a new way of living that keeps your life in balance and prevents problems from occurring again. Ayurveda is a system of beliefs that is centuries old and that originated in the region of India.

It is not just a medicine, but a way of living and understanding the context of your existence in the world. As a form of healthcare, it has been used for many centuries and its influence can be seen in other traditions, such as that of TCM.

Each person is born more imbued with one energy than another and they have to adapt their life to keep their energies in balance to avoid being unwell. When leg pain or illness occurs — it is because one of the energies has weakened or strengthened and put the triad out of balance. Ayurvedic medicine is the practice of balancing energies through diet, herbs, natural medicines, relaxation and movement practices.

The doshas not only define the natural inclinations of your body, but they comprise the three main energies that affect your health and well-being. Chronic leg pain is primarily considered to be a Pitta Kata, which means it has to do with the energy of movement, but it is also the more serious Vata Kata — which means that there may also be a core disturbance to your hormonal and immunological systems. This is why the first part of the treatment is going to focus on the Vata.

Ayurvedic practitioners are trained to allow them to create a full picture of the causes of your leg pain. They are going to examine you through questions, and through touch and massage, to begin to determine the entire path of the disruption to your body through all of your joints and organs.

If you are going to follow the Ayurvedic treatment for leg pain you are going to have to be committed to being a part of the cure for your pain. This goes beyond just remembering to take a pill or show up for a physical therapy appointment, it means changing your lifestyle habits. In general, people expect their pain to be resolved by someone, or something, outside of themselves. The practices and commitment required to get the benefit promised by the Ayurvedic treatment for leg pain can be too much for many people to follow through on.

The nature of holistic healing is it involves the whole person, not just the part that is in pain. What is muscle resiliency? A detoxifying cleanse may also be called for, depending on your current state of health. Why does Ayurvedic medicine work?Leg pain, also referred to as pada shula in Ayurveda, is a symptom caused due to overuse, injury or sprain in leg muscles or bones.

However, health conditions such as sciaticarheumatoid arthritisosteoarthritisgoutclaudication, varicose veinsosteoporosis and fractures may also lead to leg pain. The exact treatment for leg pain includes identification and alleviation of the underlying cause. Ayurvedic treatments for leg pain comprises therapies such as nidana parivarjana avoiding the causessnehana oleationswedana sudation or sweat therapyvirechana purgationbasti enemaraktamokshana bloodlettingagni karma thermal cauterisation and lepa coating the affected body part with medications.

Herbs and medicines that relieve leg pain by reducing paininflammation, and swelling include ashwagandha Indian ginsengasthisanharaka veldt grapeguggulu Indian bdellium-treelaksha gugguluarogyavardhini vatiand kaishora guggulu. Pain in legs may arise from any part of the lower limbs, e.

As per Ayurveda, some of the causes of leg pain are:. Individuals with conditions such as diabeteshyperacidity and piles also experience leg pain and muscle cramps in legs. A clinical study including 30 participants with osteoarthritis of the knee joint indicated the effectiveness of various Ayurvedic therapies in the management of this condition.

These participants were divided into three groups of 10 each. The first group was treated with laksha gugguluthe second group was treated with traction, snehanaand swedanaand the third group was treated with all of these methods. Various symptoms like joint pain, oedema, tenderness, stiffness, local crepitations and restriction in joint movements were observed before and after treatment.

Ayurvedic treatment for leg pain can transform your life

It was found that the third group experienced significant relief in the condition as compared to the other two groups. So, a combination of these therapies can be used in the management of osteoarthritis. Although Ayurveda is a natural and holistic system of medicine, it may lead to side effects and contraindications if proper care and precautions are not taken, e. Leg pain can be due to several reasons and may arise from knee, thigh, foot and calf. Many over-the-counter medicines are commonly used for pain management.

Although these medicines ease the pain for a certain time, the pain relapses after the medicines are eliminated from the body.

Ayurvedic treatment of leg pain aims at uprooting the cause of pain and preventing relapse. However, always consult an Ayurvedic physician before beginning any therapy to prevent side effects and get the right treatment for your condition.

See Map. There may be a slight delay in the audio. Ayurvedic view of leg pain.

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leg pain ayurvedic treatment

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Foot swelling & Pain - Ayurvedic treatment - Life Line - TV9

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leg pain ayurvedic treatment

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leg pain ayurvedic treatment

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Ayurvedic medicine, treatment and remedies for Leg Pain

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